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Welcome to our special Christmas podcast.

Bus Stop 23

We are very greatful to the school for allowing to to release this audio from the St Vincents School concert 2013, Performed on the 17th of December at 7pm.

We really hope you enjoy listening to this.  we have also given an introduction to the SVOPA for first time listeners.

Listen right to the end for all the Christmas wishes from Children, Staff and past pupils.  

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So from Michael & Jo and the SVOPA family 
have a wonderful Christmas 

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This is the First Christmas Episode from the SVOPA team and this time we have Ian Beverley joining us to co host, and talk about his memories of christmas.

So what on this month 

We start with our Christmas discussion with Georgie, Marie and John where we find out about their school memories.  We then move on to a Recording from the carol service in 1988, and finish with some Merry Moment Memories.  Plus other people pop up through out with messages and thoughts.  

Listen out for a special treat on Christmas Eve

Hope you enjoy. 

Michael & Jo 
Media Team 
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Well we are back with another podcast,  this is the last one before we start thinking of Christmas. 

We have been asked for a while to look at Parenting for The Visually impaired.  so we thought we would give it a go.  This month we have a round table discussion about the subject along with details of the Disabled Parents Network and also a chat with one of the parents of a of a child who went to St. Vincents.  

Hope you enjoy and this gives us the idea of doing some more topic based podcasts in the future.  

So please let us have have your feedback and thoughts. 

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So until next time take care 
Michael & Jo 

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