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SVOPA EP 40 September 2018

Hi everyone, and welcome to the September 2018 podcast.  

Jo is back with me this time to bring everything together. she also gives us an update on where VI Talk is now 

This month we have an interview with Heidi who a number of us will remember who is now a singer we get to hear one of her songs and find out more about her time at school and since.  

Paul Laing joins gives a report on this year's successful reunion held on the 16th June at the school. 

Danielle joins us again as she tells us about the Prize giving and school sports day.  She also tells us what she has been up to since we last spoke 

We also speak to Gena Heyden who is currently the music teacher at the school and she tells us about the project "Shine like a diamond" and how we can get involved. along with information about herself.  

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So until next time 



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