EP31 SVOPA September 2013

Welcome to the latest Episode of the SVOPA podcast.  

We have to start this month with the very sad news of 3 people close to the school have have passed away over the last month.  
Sister Kathleen who was known as Sister Claire, who was the head of the school passed away on the 12th of September 
Sister Rosalie, who was the deputy head at the school passed away on the 26th of August 
Peter Gavin Passed away on the 18th of August, he was a former student at the school. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with there family and friends at this time.
This month we speak to Mike and Pat Scanlan about there life before during and after school, and pat joins us for around the school in 10 lessons when we look at Kings Wing.
All change
This month sees a number of changes to the podcast. as you know Jo and I also run VI Talk.  This does take a tremendous amount of work so Jo has decided that she needs to concentrate more on this in the future.  She is stepping down as co host, however she will still be around on future podcasts.  
So we would like to welcome Danielle Lauren & Jane to the podcast. you have heard them all before on here and as a group we will continue for many a month to come. 
So that it for this month 
Hope you enjoy and don't forget we want your feedback and item for future episodes. 
So please keep in touch 
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So until next month 
The SVOPA Media team 
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