Welcome to Episode 33 of the podcast.  

This is the Christmas episode.  We bring you the school concert from the 16th December. 

This month you have to put up with me only as the host.  

We also feature the upcoming events these are as follows. 

Christmas Party Skype chat.  

Sunday 28th December from 8:30 to 9:30. 

You need to email either your Skype name or the phone number you will be calling in on.  

Our Skype name is VITalkPodcast or you can call in on 0161 298 8255

Our next metope is on the 10th of January at the Crown hotel in Liverpool 

Here are our contact details 

Search SVOPA on Facebook and Twitter. 

Email is podcast@svopa.co.uk

website www.svopa.co.uk

So until next time Michael 

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