EP4 SVOPA October 2012

Hi everyone and your media team is back with yet another great podcast.  granted that is our opinion, a bit shorter this time dur to me being away and however we have stuck with the sport theme again for this one and the podcast includes as well as the usual news, feedback and event into,  and interview with Shelly Roberts about school and Blind Sailing and also with Rob owen form UK north blind sailing on their charity and how people can take up sailing.

We have a fantastic email read out from Joan Clark all about her time as a games maker at this years Paralympics.

Lets have your comments and feedback why not come on a future show.

www.svopa.org.uk twitter is @svopa Facebook www.facebook.com/svopaliverpool

and the all important email is podcast@svopa.co.uk

look forward to hearing from you and hearing your on future episodes

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