Well the snow has gone again for about the fifth time and the nights are starting to get a bit longer. We are only just over a month until the spring.  Will to get you started Episode 9 is also the Spring CD newsletter for those who receive this.

We had a number of things planned for this one including highlights from some of the other podcasts for those listening to the CD however along came Jim Moran.  We first thought we would get about 15 minutes of chat from him after 45 minutes talking about school time after school and his music, we were amazing at what he remembered and what a career he has had. and there was no way we could or wanted to edit such a fascinating story.

We have put a couple of music item at the end from previous podcast for you if this is your first listen.

The other main feature is that we have all the details for the reunion on the 18th May.

Check it out, I will post full details here later and they are also on our facebook page

For more info follow us on facebook www.facebook.com/svopaliverpool

Twitter @svopa

Email podcast@svopa.co.uk

Until next time

Michael & Jo

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