Hi and welcome to Episode 38 of the SVOPA Podcast.  This is very similar to the CD that members will receive.  however we have included an extra track from Marcia at the very end.  

On this time we have an interview with Colin Evans about his time at school and since, 

We speak to Jane Readfirn Gray about her book Onions in the Washing Machine which you can get from www.feedaread.com

We have 2 tracks from Marcia, Downtown and Stand By Me from her album which is raising money for the samaritans.  if you want a copy contact us. 

We speak to Jane Massey about some of the things she has done at school over the past 18 months. 

And we also hear from Jenni Armstrong about her recent trip to Nepal. 

Through the Podcast we talk about the upcoming reunion and events so please take a listen and we hope to hear from you soon 

Contact us 

Email info@svopa.co.uk

search facebook and twitter for SVOPA 

check out the older podcasts at www.svopa.co.uk

So till next time 

Michael and Jo. 


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