This is the First Christmas Episode from the SVOPA team and this time we have Ian Beverley joining us to co host, and talk about his memories of christmas.

So what on this month 

We start with our Christmas discussion with Georgie, Marie and John where we find out about their school memories.  We then move on to a Recording from the carol service in 1988, and finish with some Merry Moment Memories.  Plus other people pop up through out with messages and thoughts.  

Listen out for a special treat on Christmas Eve

Hope you enjoy. 

Michael & Jo 
Media Team 
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Well we are back with another podcast,  this is the last one before we start thinking of Christmas. 

We have been asked for a while to look at Parenting for The Visually impaired.  so we thought we would give it a go.  This month we have a round table discussion about the subject along with details of the Disabled Parents Network and also a chat with one of the parents of a of a child who went to St. Vincents.  

Hope you enjoy and this gives us the idea of doing some more topic based podcasts in the future.  

So please let us have have your feedback and thoughts. 

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So until next time take care 
Michael & Jo 

EP20 SVOPA November 2013

Well its finally here, Episode 20 which has recorded live at the Belmont Hotel in Llandudno.  Well most of it was anyway.  

We had a great time with 28 people joining us throughout the weekend,  We recorded some 2 minute challenges along with a chance for people to ask Jo and myself questions.  and other discussions took place.  

We have a special treat as on Sunday Sid Wilson played for us which we have managed to include some of your you. 

So hope you enjoy and let us have your comments.  

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So until episode 21 its bye form your media team
MIchael & Jo

EP19 SVOPA October 2013

Well as we are away next weekend in Llandudno we though we would product a quick episode with last minute info, and lots of other fun stuff.  

We have another SVOPA Live this time from Liverpool were 15 of us joined together for an afternoons fun.  thanks to Rob and Paul for sorting this out 

This month we have Invited Marjorie to join us for a quick interview about her memories and also for around the school in 10 lessons.  However this month we ended up dong homework or prep and had discussion about the dining room and heard a fascinating email from Mike Rogers.  

Jenny sent us an Over to you section which we also included.  

So hope you enjoy it and let us have your comments to

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So until next time 
Michael & Jo 

EP18 SVOPA October 2013

Welcome to Octobers Podcast. Now that the nights are drawing in why not curl up with a podcast or too and make one of them this one.

So what have we got for you this time

An interview with Kevin Carey the Chair of the RNIB, this is an inspiring interview which we hope you enjoy.

Lesson 3 of around the School in 10 lessons where we explore the kitchen Laundry Old Dsroom and the dining room.

Information on upcoming events including out liverpool meet on 19th of October and a recap on Llandudno and Peterborough.

So hope you enjoy and please get in touch

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So until next time

Michael & So  

Hi everyone this month is a shared Podcast with the CD newsletter which goes out to all members.  

so what on it then 

Update on upcoming events including the Liverpool meetup on the 19 of October.  

Interviews with John Patterson and a short par of the interview with Kevin Carey Chair of the RNIB.  this will be on the next podcast in full.  

Some other items are taken from previous podcasts,  

until next time 
MIchael & Jo

EP16 SVOPA September 2013

Hi everyone here comes episode 16 of the SVOPA podcast been a busy month getting this together and starting work on the upcoming CD newsletter.  So don't forget to get in touch

So whats on here for this month

We start off with some audio recorded in Manchester at our recent meetup,  We had 12 people there, from a wide age range, the day was a real success and we are looking to arrange an event in Liverpool and the North-East soon. 

We then have an interview with Phil Longworth who is currently running Bradbury Fields in LIverpool.  

We finish with our 2nd lesson in "Around the School in 10 Lessons" where we are joined by Danielle and Kathryn as we make our way along the main corridor.

Please give us your feedback and don't forget this is your Podcast so would love your input.  

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EP15 SVOPA August 2013

Welcome to the latest episode of the SVOPA podcast for August 2013, I can't believe that we have done 15 episodes already and hopefully many more will follow. 

So what on this month 

We have 2 interviews with Chris Lyon and Josie Lynch 
reports on Sight Village 
A report from the prize giving day at school 
Out new section Around the School in 10 lessons where we really want your input for upcoming episodes 
and of course the upcoming events.

Hope you enjoy and keep in touch
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So until next time.
Michael & Jo 
SVOPA Media Team 

EP14 SVOPA July 2013

Episode 14 of the SVOPA podcast for July 2013

This month we have the pleasure of welcoming John Haill as a guest host along with Jo and myself. This month we have for you the following

A discussion about the reunion, letting you know more about the day and the fun we all had.

Interviews done on the day with Wendy Smith, Karen Briggs, and Jenny Hayes.

Also we did a late night interview with Sue and Marie,

Not related to the reunion we also had a chat to Jenny Neumann about her time at school and afterwards.

Don't forget to keep in touch in the following ways


Find us on facebook, Twiter and Audioboo, by searching SVOPA.

Until next time take care ]

Michael & Jo

EP13 SVOPA June 2013

Hi everyone here is you next installment of the SVOPA  Podcast.

The main features this month are SVOPA live recorded at the school and a great talk from Dr. John Patterson the new principle of the school.

Again details of upcoming events in Llandudno and Peterborough

Get in touch following on twitter @SVOPA search facebook for SVOPA

Until next time

MIchael & Jo

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