Here is the Second part of Tom Glassey's Book Who's Afraid of the Dark

Here is chapters 5 to 10 of this great book hope you enjoy listening to it.  Please contact us via email

This has been made possible with the kind permission of the RNIB who have allowed us to serialise there book for the listening pleasure of SVOPA members and friends.

Hi everyone we are back with the second part of the Christmas special of the SVOPA podcast, for Christmas Eve 2012

hope you have every thing sorted for tomorrow and ready for the big man to arrive.

This episode we have Sr. Kathleen Fothergill (Sr. Clair) talking about some of her memories, along with Jenni Armstrong about school today.

Christmas memories from Sheila, Sarah, Ian, Georgie and Edel all make up this month fun along with music from the Christmas performance, from the children who are currently still attending the school.

Keep in touch @svopa on twitter all important email

Until next time. have a great Christmas and Happy New Year,

And after all theirs only one more sleep till Christmas

Michael & Jo SVOPA Media Team


I have re issued this podcast at a slightly lower bit rate as had someone on Sonata who was having download problems.  enjoy

Yes we are back with the first of our 2 Christmas Podcasts.

We have our round table talk about Christmas at school over the years and thanks all those who took part.

We have a great interview with Marie Evans about her evolvement with the Christmas activities and memories whilst teach at the school.

Don't forget upcoming events

Gatesheat on the 22nd Feb Reunion on the 18 May

Contact us as follows Twitter @SVOPA facebook

There will be another podcast coming out in the next week with more Christmas stuff on it.

So take care and get in touch

MIchael & Jo your media team

We are very please to bring you, Who's Afraid of the Dark, by Tom Glassey.

This has been made possible with the kind permission of the RNIB who have allowed us to serialise there book for the listening pleasure of SVOPA members and friends.

The book will be split into sections which will be released roughly once a month starting with this one which includes the first 4 chapters.

Please feel free to comment by emailing and please get in touch.

EP5 SVOPA November 2012

Hi and Welcome to the November podcast.

After the all important news and event information most of this months podcast was recorded live at the Cliften Hotel in Teignmouth. as part of the SVOPA weekend break.

We had a fantastic time and also sang some Karaoke.  This is also included on the show.

Hope you enjoy this months and lets have your feedback and comments to

EP4 SVOPA October 2012

Hi everyone and your media team is back with yet another great podcast.  granted that is our opinion, a bit shorter this time dur to me being away and however we have stuck with the sport theme again for this one and the podcast includes as well as the usual news, feedback and event into,  and interview with Shelly Roberts about school and Blind Sailing and also with Rob owen form UK north blind sailing on their charity and how people can take up sailing.

We have a fantastic email read out from Joan Clark all about her time as a games maker at this years Paralympics.

Lets have your comments and feedback why not come on a future show. twitter is @svopa Facebook

and the all important email is

look forward to hearing from you and hearing your on future episodes

CD Autumn Newsletter 2012

SVhOPA Autumn CD Newsletter

This is mainly a recap on the last 3 podcasts, as this is sent out on CD to all our members.

Enjoy our usual banta between Michael & Jo and updates to events and whats coming up

We need your feedback Website twitter @svopa Facebook

EP3 SVOPA September 2012

Welcome to Episode 3 of the SVOPA Podcast in this months podcast you will find

News Stories Interviews with Ian Beverley and Zjenett Barclay, Our competition and new over to you section

To get involved email follow us on twitter @svopa and facebook

Well its arrived the second episode of the SVOPA podcast.  For August 2012.


This month we have Paul and Wendy joining us for the news and a chat, along with an interview with Georgie Hamari and David Becket.  About there time at school and afterwards.  Things are going really well with the upcoming events and we have a good number of people joining for the weekends.  


Don’t for get to contact us follow us on twitter @svopa like us on facebook or our website



Welcome to the first Monthly Podcast of the SVOPA for July 25th 2012.

Hosted My Michael and Jo, included are a couple of interviews with Brian and Chelsea. along with information on 2 upcoming events in October and February.

News this month includes the date for next years reunion on the 18th May 2013.

Please contact us

check out the website

Follow us on twitter @svopa and facebook

we look forward to hearing from you and why not come on our next episode availible at the end of August

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