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SVOPA EP 40 September 2018

Hi everyone, and welcome to the September 2018 podcast.  

Jo is back with me this time to bring everything together. she also gives us an update on where VI Talk is now 

This month we have an interview with Heidi who a number of us will remember who is now a singer we get to hear one of her songs and find out more about her time at school and since.  

Paul Laing joins gives a report on this year's successful reunion held on the 16th June at the school. 

Danielle joins us again as she tells us about the Prize giving and school sports day.  She also tells us what she has been up to since we last spoke 

We also speak to Gena Heyden who is currently the music teacher at the school and she tells us about the project "Shine like a diamond" and how we can get involved. along with information about herself.  

Please get in touch for future podcasts or follow us on Facebook and Twitter by searching SVOPA

You can email or check out all the other podcasts at

So until next time 



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SVOPA EP 39 January 2018

We are back again with a quick episode with some updates and information. our next one will be the main newsletter CD for the year so we would love to hear from here before then on anything you have to say 

On here we have audio from Last Mays London meetup with Shaun and Paul doing our famous 2-minute challenge.  We want you to try and talk for 2 minutes about school or yourself. 

We have a video which school have released recently. we include the audio but here is the link to youtube 

We mention the sad passing of our good friend and member of staff Joe Lampton. 

We want to hear from you so email us or see us on Facebook or Twitter

Until next time 


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Hi and welcome to Episode 38 of the SVOPA Podcast.  This is very similar to the CD that members will receive.  however we have included an extra track from Marcia at the very end.  

On this time we have an interview with Colin Evans about his time at school and since, 

We speak to Jane Readfirn Gray about her book Onions in the Washing Machine which you can get from

We have 2 tracks from Marcia, Downtown and Stand By Me from her album which is raising money for the samaritans.  if you want a copy contact us. 

We speak to Jane Massey about some of the things she has done at school over the past 18 months. 

And we also hear from Jenni Armstrong about her recent trip to Nepal. 

Through the Podcast we talk about the upcoming reunion and events so please take a listen and we hope to hear from you soon 

Contact us 


search facebook and twitter for SVOPA 

check out the older podcasts at

So till next time 

Michael and Jo. 


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Welcome to Episode 37 of the Podcast 

Sorry its been so long since the last one, but we are back again.  

This is also the CD that is going out to members too.  

On here this month we have all the details for the upcoming reunion taking place on the 28th of May 2016 along with the School snap shot with Jennie Armstrong,  We catch up again with Jo Fishwick.  

This month we have Joe Robinson co hosting and we also talk to him about the last 5 months since his Kidney Transplant. 

Remember you can get in touch either by email or just search facebook twitter for SVOPA 

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EP36 SVOPA May 2015

Welcome to episode 36 of the SVOPA podcast for May 2015. 

This month we speak to Jim Moran about his memories of the farm in Around the school in 10 lessons.  
We talk about the upcoming main reunion on the 20th of June and give you updates on this. 
We also look forward at the upcoming meetups in May, July, August and the next weekend break on January next year. 
So do get intouch as we need your feedback and comments 
Until next time 
search svopa on facebook 
Twitter @SVOPA

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Welcome to Episode 35 of the SVOPA Podcast,  This is also the same as the CD sent out to members who do not usually listen to the Podcast.  

This month Jo re joins for as host. 
This Years School Reunion 
This is taking place at the school on the 20th of June and you will find all the important details on the Podcast.  
We have also included the first of our School Snap Shots with Dr. John Patterson letting you know all whats currently going on at the school.  
As this is going out to so many people we have included some special moments from recent podcasts. 
These include an interview with Sr. Patricia Harrison, who people will remember as Sr. Frances.  and also some of the Audio from last year reunion podcast featuring some of the children from the school.  
So Booking is now open for this years reunion.  If you would like a booking form please email with subject Booking form and I will email one straight back.  
So until next time 
Michael & Jo 
Contact and Media Details 
Email -
Website -
Twitter - @SVOPA
Search SVOPA on Facebook for our page and group. 

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EP34 SVOPA February 2015

Welcome to this months podcast for February 2015

This month we bring you the live recordings from the Weston Super Mare weekend break that was held at the Lauriston Hotel in November. 

We also recorded episode 10 of Around the School whilst there too. 

We finish with a the Coffee Break from VI Talk that was done with Jim Moran.

We look at the upcoming events in Preston, Huddersfield and Scarborough, and bring you some of the first details about the upcoming reunion. 

So until next time. 


Our contact details are as follows



Twitter @SVOPA

Search facebook for SVOPA for our group and page.



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Welcome to Episode 33 of the podcast.  

This is the Christmas episode.  We bring you the school concert from the 16th December. 

This month you have to put up with me only as the host.  

We also feature the upcoming events these are as follows. 

Christmas Party Skype chat.  

Sunday 28th December from 8:30 to 9:30. 

You need to email either your Skype name or the phone number you will be calling in on.  

Our Skype name is VITalkPodcast or you can call in on 0161 298 8255

Our next metope is on the 10th of January at the Crown hotel in Liverpool 

Here are our contact details 

Search SVOPA on Facebook and Twitter. 

Email is


So until next time Michael 

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EP32 SVOPA November 2014

Welcome to episode 32 of the SVOPA podcast I am joined this week by Danielle as part of our new Podcast team.

This month Lauren & I chat to Joe Robinson about school but mainly about how he has managed his Kidney Disease, from the aspect of a visually impaired person.
We take a music break and feature a track from Danielle's new EP Sing.
Followed by lesson 9 of the popular around the school in 10 lessons.  
Hope you enjoy and please get in touch
search SVOPA on Facebook Twitter and Audioboo
So until next time 

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EP31 SVOPA September 2013

Welcome to the latest Episode of the SVOPA podcast.  

We have to start this month with the very sad news of 3 people close to the school have have passed away over the last month.  
Sister Kathleen who was known as Sister Claire, who was the head of the school passed away on the 12th of September 
Sister Rosalie, who was the deputy head at the school passed away on the 26th of August 
Peter Gavin Passed away on the 18th of August, he was a former student at the school. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with there family and friends at this time.
This month we speak to Mike and Pat Scanlan about there life before during and after school, and pat joins us for around the school in 10 lessons when we look at Kings Wing.
All change
This month sees a number of changes to the podcast. as you know Jo and I also run VI Talk.  This does take a tremendous amount of work so Jo has decided that she needs to concentrate more on this in the future.  She is stepping down as co host, however she will still be around on future podcasts.  
So we would like to welcome Danielle Lauren & Jane to the podcast. you have heard them all before on here and as a group we will continue for many a month to come. 
So that it for this month 
Hope you enjoy and don't forget we want your feedback and item for future episodes. 
So please keep in touch
Twitter @SVOPA
facebook search SVOPA
So until next month 
The SVOPA Media team 

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