EP32 SVOPA November 2014

Welcome to episode 32 of the SVOPA podcast I am joined this week by Danielle as part of our new Podcast team.

This month Lauren & I chat to Joe Robinson about school but mainly about how he has managed his Kidney Disease, from the aspect of a visually impaired person.
We take a music break and feature a track from Danielle's new EP Sing.
Followed by lesson 9 of the popular around the school in 10 lessons.  
Hope you enjoy and please get in touch 
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So until next time 

EP31 SVOPA September 2013

Welcome to the latest Episode of the SVOPA podcast.  

We have to start this month with the very sad news of 3 people close to the school have have passed away over the last month.  
Sister Kathleen who was known as Sister Claire, who was the head of the school passed away on the 12th of September 
Sister Rosalie, who was the deputy head at the school passed away on the 26th of August 
Peter Gavin Passed away on the 18th of August, he was a former student at the school. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with there family and friends at this time.
This month we speak to Mike and Pat Scanlan about there life before during and after school, and pat joins us for around the school in 10 lessons when we look at Kings Wing.
All change
This month sees a number of changes to the podcast. as you know Jo and I also run VI Talk.  This does take a tremendous amount of work so Jo has decided that she needs to concentrate more on this in the future.  She is stepping down as co host, however she will still be around on future podcasts.  
So we would like to welcome Danielle Lauren & Jane to the podcast. you have heard them all before on here and as a group we will continue for many a month to come. 
So that it for this month 
Hope you enjoy and don't forget we want your feedback and item for future episodes. 
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So until next month 
The SVOPA Media team 

EP30 SVOPA July 2014

Wow!  We have reached 30 Episodes of the SVOPA podcast,  and looking back we have been doing this now for 2 years with the first Episode being released on 26th of July 2012.  Why not Go back and have a listen.  

So what have we got in store for you this month.  
Apart from us rambling on about events and things, we have a group of us talking about our recent meetup and break in Blackpool and something we have been looking forward to doing for a long time, we had the opportunity to speak to Sr. Patricia Harrison, who a lot of you will have known her as Sr. Frances.  
So we hope you enjoy don't forget we want you input in the future episodes so please get in touch. 
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So until next time. 
Michael & Jo 

EP29 SVOPA June 2014

Yes we are back with another June episode of the popular SVOPA podcast.  We had things we needed to share especially the upcoming Blackpool meetup, and we had some other great content to share.  

So what have we got for you this time 
2 Interviews with Joe Senior and George Ferguson. 
A report from the reunion by Jenny Neuman. 
Around the School in 10 lessons part 8 
And of course the events, including some initial details of our upcoming singing workshop in August.  
So hope you enjoy and we look forward to hearing from you all soon.
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So until next time. 
Michael & Jo 

Wow just 2 weeks since the 2014 Reunion and here is the podcast that we recorded live in the Chapel.  

There is none of the usual events and things, the whole thing was done at school.  

So what have we got for you this month?

To start with we have a new guest presenter of Jane Readfern-Gray as Jo was unable to make this years event.  

We feature some of the Current students at the school, performing 2 songs along with Ukebox who are working with the school to form the worlds first Visually Impaired Ukulele band.  We also get to hear Summer play her Flute for us too.  This gives us a taste of what is happening at the school today 

Next up Jane has a chat to Gemma about her work experience.  Followed by Sue Clamp who was a former deputy head at the school from 1987.  

We finish up with John Patterson talking about the school today, and looking forward to the future.

Hope you enjoy 

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Until next time. 
Michael & Jo 
SVOPA Media team     

EP 27 SVOPA MAY 2014

Hi and welcome to episode 27 of the podcast,  This time its a little shorter but we wanted to give you some last minute info for the upcoming reunion on the 17th 

So what have we got for you this time.
We had a great chat with Leah about school and what she has done since, 
We were also joined by Leah Again, Danielle and Dave to continue our walk around the school.  
Look forward to seeing you at the school on the 17th. so until next time 
bye for now 
MIchael & Jo
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EP26 SVOPA April 2014

Well the clocks have gone forward and the nights are getting shorter,  and its great to be back with you all for the April Podcast.  

We are just one month away from the main reunion on the 17th of May and there is still room to book.  
So what is on this months podcast?
First we have Around the school in 10 lessons, lesson 6. the main corridor, from the chapel to eh wooden building at the end.  
We then feature an interview with Emily Davison from www.fashioneyesta.com on fashion.  This is taken from VI Talk but we felt you may find this interesting as is part of an upcoming series.
We then move over to Peterborough for SVOPA Live.
We also include updates on upcoming events, including the reunion.
Hope to see you all soon 
Michael and Jo 
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EP25 SVOPA March 2014

It's good to be back with you all with episode 25 of the podcast.  This month we have the following for you to enjoy 

Interview with Maria Evans who a lot of you will remember teaching French and RE at the school from 1975 to 1995. 

Around the school in 10 lessons reaches lesson 5.  In this lesson we look at the chapel again with Maria Evans and also with Brian Winter.  

Along with the usual event updates on the upcoming reunion and the next meetups in Chester and Blackpool we also let you know about our weekend break in Weston Super Mare in November. 

So we hope you enjoy and don't forget to get in touch with us for future episodes. 

Until next time 
Michael & Jo 

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EP24 SVOPA February 2014

Well here we go with the first podcast of 2014,  hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year, 

This episode is also the same as the CD newsletter sent out to all our contacts..
So what on this time;
Firstly all the information for the upcoming reunion on the 17th of May, plus all the upcoming events too.
Our main feature this time is an interview with Jenny Armstrong and Mary Kennan.  
We also have Josie Lynch back for our around the school in ten lessons section to talk about Keller.  
So hope you enjoy.
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So until next time 
Michael & Jo 

Welcome to our special Christmas podcast.

Bus Stop 23

We are very greatful to the school for allowing to to release this audio from the St Vincents School concert 2013, Performed on the 17th of December at 7pm.

We really hope you enjoy listening to this.  we have also given an introduction to the SVOPA for first time listeners.

Listen right to the end for all the Christmas wishes from Children, Staff and past pupils.  

Please get in touch podcast@svopa.co.uk 
Check out old episodes www.svopa.co.uk
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So from Michael & Jo and the SVOPA family 
have a wonderful Christmas 

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